Established in the year 1983, FortuneArrt started as a retailer of lighting products. With a foundation based on strong ethical roots and customer satisfaction, the company has grown by leaps and bounds over the years to become one of the biggest manufacturers of LED lights, and wires and cables in the country.

We have spread across 35 places in the country, FortuneArrt is poised to shine brighter and grow stronger. One of the many things that sets the company.

apart is the end-to-end manufacturing process, where everything is done inhouse - right from the aluminum for the housing to the end product. To provide uncompromised quality products, to engage and develop human capital as well as to provide for and understand consumers, represent the most essential tenets of this family-run entrepreneurial company.

Our Vision :

LED technology is sustainable and smart. It is transforming the lighting market worldwide and taking it into the digital era. FortuneArrt positions itself on new applications such as health, comfort and communication through light.

Our Mision :

To provide more than light through LED solutions which are beyond the simple lighting function.


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